Edit your links when things change.

So your product has a page on an online store. You put a link to it in twenty tweets, fifteen Facebook posts, a couple of e-books, and twelve hundred fliers—and then the store redesigns its website and moves your product's page. No problem—just hit the "Edit" button and change where your link points:

Edit http://littl.ink/tour

You can even create a link to a "coming soon" page and edit it later. For instance, if you're getting ready to release a new e-book, you could create a Littlink that sends visitors to the new book’s page on your website and add it to your existing books; then, once the new book is published or on preorder, you can edit the link to send readers straight to buy it at the bookstore instead—without ever changing your old books.

A link on Littlink is future-proof. You can edit it at any time, so no matter what anyone else does, you can always fix your links.

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